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4H At The Lucknow Fall Fair

Saturday September 14, 2024

Class 06: Beef


Pre-4-H/Little People. (5-8 years old)

Leaders: Christine McIntyre 519-357-8646


- Commencing in the west ring at 9:30am

- 4-H members are not eligible to enter this class.

- Lucknow Agricultural Society membership not necessary for this class.

Prize (1-2) $20 & Rosette to all exhibitors

1.  Best Showmanship

2.  Best Calf Confirmation

Lucknow 4-H Beef Club


- Be ready to show at 10:00am

- Open only to members of the Lucknow 4-H Beef Club.

- No Lucknow Ag Society membership needed for this class.

Prize (3-14) 

3.  Cloverbuds 6-8 years as of Jan1/22

4.  Junior Showmanship 9-13 years as of Jan 1/22

5.  Int. Showmanship 14-17 years as of Jan 1/22

6.  Sr. Showmanship 18-21 years as of Jan 1/22

7.  Champion Showmanship

8.  Breeding heifer born after Jan.1/22

9.  Best Jr. Breeding heifer born Apr 1-Dec 31/21

10.  Best Sr. Breeding heifer born Jan 1-Mar. 31/21

11.  Grand Champion heifer & Reserve Champion, Overall Heifer

12.  Grand Champion & Reserve Champion, Market Animal

13.  Champion Animal

14.  Companion Calves 


Other Awards to Club Members:

Limousine, Angus and Angus Cross, Charolais, Simmental, Hereford, Shorthorn, Maine Anjou, Champion Market Animal

Kevin Rintoul Memorial Trophy, donated by Barb Rintoul, & Brandon Metske Memorial Award


4-H Beef Invitational Show

Contact: Brent Black 519-955-1234 & Heather Barger 519-528-2554



-  All livestock exhibitors will be asked to provide Proof of Insurance, LIABILITY INSURANCE INFORMATION on entry form.

-  Junior (under 18 years) livestock exhibitors must have signature of consent by parent/ guardian on entry form.


-  4-H INVITATIONAL show open to all counties

-  Entry fee of $10 to be paid at time of registration must be a 4-H member and leading their own current year's 4-H project.

-  Pre-4-H may show their calf with assistance from a 4-H member.

-  All 4-H members must register from 11AM - 12PM. No late entries accepted.


 Judging begins at 1PM SHARP.

-  Arena locked during parade which begins at 11am

-  Entries will be stabled in the cattle barn

-  All trophies and prize money will be presented on the day of the show.

-  Committee will settle any disputes. Judge's decision is final

-  All participants must have their current year's Project Information Sheet available the day of the show.

-  PROFESSIONALISM: Only registered competitors will be allowed to prepare their calves at the show. If you, as a competitor, feel unable to honour this request, we suggest you refrain from competing at this show.

-  Failure to honour this request may result in disqualification by the show committee.

-  No cattle washed in cattle barn. All exhibitors bring your own straw. Following the conclusion of the show, exhibitors are asked to windrow the straw and dispose of all garbage.

-  Exhibitors or animals are not allowed to leave the fairgrounds before 4pm.

-  ONLY AUTHORIZED PERSONAL allowed in the show ring.

Section: Beef Conformation

Prize: (15-31) $60.00, $55.00, $50.00, $45.00, $40.00, $35.00, $30.00, $25.00, $20.00

15.   Pre-4-H confirmation

16.   Pre-4-H showmanship

17.   Market steer

18.   Market heifer

19.   Champion market animal

20.   Reserve Market Animal

21.   Breeding heifer born Jan 1-Mar 31/23

22.   Breeding heifers born Apr 1-Dec 31/23

23.   Breeding heifers born after Jan 1/24

24.   Champion breeding heifer

25.   Reserve Breeding Heifer 

Section: Beef Showmanship

26.   Senior 16+

27.   Intermediate 13-15 yrs.

28.   Junior 9-12 yrs.

29.   Champion Showmanship

30.   Reserve Showmanship

31.   Group of Three: a group of 3 calves

Lucknow Fall Fair
Preliminary 2024 Book

Class 4H Field Crops

Leaders: Rebecca Miller 519-619-2645

Committee: Brendan Zettler and Shannon Bieman 


Open to members of the Lucknow 4-H Field Crops Club.

Open to youth ages 9-21.

Plastic bags will be supplied for grains. All grains must be untreated and placed in plastic bags supplied.

Lucknow Agricultural Society awards each 4-H member $10 upon completion of the club.


-  Final placing in each competition will be based on adding the Field Score out of 100 and the exhibit at the Fair score out of 50.

- In a situation of a tie the field score wins,

- No prize will be granted if there is no exhibit at the fair.

- Fields must be a minimum of 5 acres.

- Plastic bags will be supplied for grain samples.

- All grain must be untreated and placed in plastic bags supplied.

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